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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse

This is what I see when I look through neighborhoods and in city streets. Bicycles abandoned for computers. Life exchanged for virtual vortices. Children's laughter no longer fills our streets, but their screams fill the halls of our schools as they are slaughtered. It is time to stop the conditioning of violence through mainstream media and halt the infiltration of evil into our homes by via World of Warcraft and such. Unplug your virtual child and let them live. Being attached to a machine 24 hours a day is for someone in the hospital that has no control over bodily functions, not a child that has a whole life in front of them. The Zombie Apocalypse began when we allowed out children to believe that existence depends upon the ability to navigate the internet and drive fasts cars, be a pimp with hos, and shoot police officers. That is a mindset created by the state to breed a future generation of criminals. Unless you wish your child to perish in the streets or behind the walls of a penal institution, get them outside on bicycles and chasing fireflies and butterflies.

 NOTE: photo courtesy of  Sophie Sadovskaya

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