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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Her whispers of love caress my heart
As the cold winter rain falls outside
Its liquid rhythm lures me into the night,
In search of her kiss.
Taking my quill for a dip in the inkwell,
I avoid the arms of Morpheus
and retreat into the embrace of my Muse,
I seek the touch of literary inspiration~

Lost in the chill of Winter,
I hide in my new found niche.
Conversation flows around me,
trying to find a way in…
Names and places carved in the tables,
their memory worn to a shadow.
Nameless faces exchange blank stares
Infusing dead spirits with caffeine...
Spring rains will bring hints of her beauty,
roses to sway under heavenly tears.
Madness released with a stroke of my hand
replacing the ashes of genius…
Can wings of desire carry my soul
to the  burning candle in her window?
I long for that moonless night
without shadow, to prove I exist…
Warm whispering winds of Summer,
offer to bring hope and set my ink.
They will fill the air with anticipation
the day of dance draws closer.
Orion's quest to slay the scorpion
seems as endless as my trail to her.
But soon the fires of solstice rites
into the nights will glow…
As I wait for August to fall,
when one kiss leaves a short step to the next.
Time seems to slow to a crawl
so sign the hands behind the crystal.
Aged leaves might dance under the moon
in the warm autumn breeze of harvest.
But it is I that will be lifted upon wind,
when I am touched with her kiss.

© Jan 29, 2013 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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