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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Long ago, you were the girl in my dream
I was a boy with simple sights
Sticks, stones, and my inkwell…

Picked my feet up off the floor
To keep out of reach of the dark
Closed my eyes to chase away fears…

…and ran to you…

The passing of time has changed the fantasy
Now you are in my nights
Nothing can bite or rake a nail…

Turn to face the closing door
Let the tears cleanse my heart
Close my eyes to yesteryears…

…and run to you…

All I’ve left is my ink and quill…

I left behind traces of marbles and balls,
yet carry their essence in my jean pocket…
I still dream of walking on the moon,
and of being the “man inside the rocket.”

Scissors, strings, and glue are lost to time…

I no longer focus on “if,” I prefer “will,”
the smooth flowing ink takes me to you.
Reaching though time and space for a dance,
I gaze into your eyes across the blue.

I have yet to find a part of you that isn’t special to me.
Your feet dance across the world and brought you near.
Your hands tell a story as our fingers search in yearning.
Your smile warms my heart after years of winter’s calling.
Your eyes burn with the passion I have never known.
Your heart beats and calls out for my sacred rhythm.
Your body sways in passion and beckons my touch.
I praise the Creator for a treasure such as you.

I drop my traces of childhood fears…
…and run to you…

© Jan 11, 2013 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

NOTE: for my WW II girl in from the hillside chateau, my Tyrian queen, My day we will dance...
PHOTO: random internet find


  1. I like this :) It's very sweet and hopeful. I hope you two get your time in the sun together!

  2. Thank you Jean. I feel she and I will be together soon. She is on the other side of the world, but we have touched hearts and danced in spirit. We will find embrace...