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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Moments together in worlds apart
Dancing upon the hourglass sands
Bottled whispers tossed to sea
The quill of hope, left raw my hands…

Staring out into the dripping gray
The sound of storms drown my tears
Wondering how you are tonight
Lit windows turn to darkened mirrors

I see myself searching for you
Reaching into the water-painted skies
There is no ship cresting the horizon
Fingers remove sight from my eyes

A quill beckons a forgotten passion
Reeling, my soul collides with thunder
As Bassey paints the mood with blues
Deep thoughts turn to sacred letters

I see you thru a pen-hole in my parchment
A love created with a dancing feather
A heart chained to endless inspiration
And freed with ink in the air…

Dreams of tomorrow…
Memories of yesterday…

Can I return us to fields of dreams?
Where faith flows from each soul
Catch butterflies by color-names
Sing songs without my birthright sold?

La de dah de dah de dah
La de dah de dah
Rom ell dee doo de doo
De dah de dah dah de dah
Pic-up-stix and glue…

Innocence cleans the boards
Returns them to blackened slate
Beating erasers free of dust
No biasness no hate….

The children sang and dance
To an old schoolyard chorus
Tattered flags beat by the wind
Join the chanted ruckus…

“…Ring around a rosie…
A pocket full of posie.s…
We all fall down…”

Living, laughing, and loving…

Before our dreams were stolen,
Terrorized and slain
Bottled, labeled, and sold
Wrapped with PG cases…

I offer you a love from the past
When awe and wonder danced
Lightning bugs lit the smiles
Of star turned tiny faces…

Return with me to such a time
When sweet was pre-bitter
Laughter bounced like dime-store balls
And turned the ground to cloud…

A look spoke more than words
Whispers meant more than scream
Love was a flower growing
In the raging stillness of loud…

Can time be bent by memories?

Oh M’lady, I love you…
My ballerina…
My queen, my friend,
My hope and inspiration…

As the fog and mists of yesterday
Dissipate into the fallen trees
I dip my ink-drained quill
Into the waiting well of memories

I gaze back out into the gray
The tears have gone with the night
I made it through the rains
By hiding in their light.

I have brushed your being with quill and ink
Unlocked the door that leads to your essence…
Discovered a treasure of untold tales…
The pearl you offer has enchanted my heart …

I am forever lost in thought…

© Jan 19, 2013  ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic
NOTE: photo courtesy of Pam

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