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Friday, January 25, 2013

left behind?

I was always lost in the maelstrom of political BS as a child. I often overheard the discussions of the sensitivity of the “slow learners” in school. Through the years, I have seen the regression of education to pacify these “unlucky” individuals. The wise are being “dumbed-down” to an average, so that others do not feel left out or left behind. Why? Everyone is not an Einstein, Mozart, or Keats. By lowering standards, laziness becomes a common practice. I see it every day. It is nothing new.
I showed signs of advanced intellect as a child. Nothing was done because my parents were hard working and we barely got by. Had they been rich, I would have been whooshed away to a school of elite, and would be chatting it up with Stephen Hawking. I was showing college level intellect in the 5th grade. I jumped to 7th and passed. But due to fear of me graduating with older kids, I was held back and forced to re-imbibe the curriculum of 7th grade again. I got bored. I was not allowed anything extra to satiate my hunger for higher intelligence. I started rebelling.
I now make it a practice to undermine those that undermine true education. I am not sorry for what I am about to say. “Yes! I believe we should feed everyone’s desire to learn, but if some show signs of advanced intellect…feed them more. Let them digest until they are brain-fat! Limiting a child’s intellect to a class average is like tying weights to the fastest guy on the track so that there is no speed advantage! It is unfair!”
What about the sensitivity of the mentally elevated? Holding them back is more of an evil that leaving behind an occasional straggler. The ones that fall behind WILL redouble their efforts to catch up. Is intellect a curse? It seems to be. The smart kids are now becoming bored and suicidal because they are not offered an outlet for their imagination and depth they have discover in the corridors of their minds. I know that is why I became book lazy. Yes, everything is under Divine Order, but if I play in traffic…I will eventually get run over. I need to cross the road and document my travels. No drugs needed.
This BS of Ritalin at 5 and Prozac at 8 is the cause of developmental problems. Trying to diagnose every child with a mental aberration is a twisted and corrupt evil that is turning tomorrow’s leaders into zombies that have no desire to enter an educational tournament of learning and offers them a way out via psychological evaluations of finger-pointing to strict parents & peer harassment. Psychology for the most part is the science of excuses and redirection of resentment. It creates sheep!
Oh wait! I forgot! The government is breeding and raising sheep. They don’t want intelligence in the public! They want full control of all brainiacs! Fall in to the flock or get tossed to the wolves. And many refuse to believe that the learning curve is directed to an intellectual cliff of stupidity.


  1. I agree with you. It's a hard truth, but if your kid isn't as smart, or average.... well, that shouldn't be another child's cross to bear. I took accelerated classes, much to my dismay because that meant I didn't get to play kickball as often. But, it made me love reading, since they made us read Shakespeare in 6th grade.

    I guess you only appreciate it when you're older. Sorry to had a tough time. I don't have much insight in behavioral/ADD drugs, but I know enough to be wary. I don't think every kid needs a condition--maybe they need more discipline or to be kept busier. Great post as usual.

  2. Thanks. I forced myself to imbibe the classics as a child. Loved them all. Reading was my escape. It took me to where I wanted to go...where I needed to go...
    I refused drugs growing up. My ex has an LPC in clinical psych. She has been on Prozac and other things. Addicted to Xanax. And has learned to hide behind Freud's curtain and blame everything including the cigar.
    And you are correct. They need more discipline. Mental and on their bottoms.