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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

to touch your soul

Touching your body sparks embers of lust.
Touching your heart fans the flames of love.
But touching your soul consumes with the raging fires of inspiration.

Every element of your existence
is engulfed in the passion of my craft.
I spill ink for days on end and watch
as the parchment burns with a mere touch of my quill.
Each page hold a lifetime of love.
Each drop of pigment
encompasses a story of its own.
Each moment; an eternity, contains.
All lost to the vacuous flames of life.

I quickly sweep the ash into my inkwell of genius/madness and continue.

Eternal thoughts drive mortal actions.
Far into the chaotic realm of madness.
Will it end?
Only when the perfect combination
of letters and words are found;
those that keep wax from melting,
poison from devouring,
and breath from fading.

The sighs of forgotten sounds
give birth to speaking with no words.
Those gently whispered harmonics
that gift you the immortality
of not just a singularity,
but an entire constellation.
You are heaven.

© May 25, 2013 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic
NOTE: words are my own,  photo is a random internet find.

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