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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


You are in my arms, yet not here
I feel your whispers caress my skin,
The sun above says you are not there,
the waxing moon agrees you are no sin.

Entranced I fall into a quiet rhythm
as time marches on and sets the beat
The elasticity of this moment reforms
moments remembered touch others forget.

The day submits to night, as I prepare
crossing the threshold to enter the fires.
I dream of your soft breath and kisses
engulfing me within my own desires.

You step from between the folds of dreams
and offer the dance of flame and wind.
As I move to become one with the rhythm
I forget where I end and you begin.

Forever is lost, yet trapped in a moment
each tear we offer, a lifetime past
The world as we knew it no longer exists
we’ve set aside humanity’s mask..

...and we dance.

© Jan  3, 2013 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

For my Muse, my Erato, my inspiration, my love...

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