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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

8/5 of life

I’ve rolled the stone of Sisyphus
time and time again.
Tried to gather all the secrets
hidden in the wind.
Whispered words passed through the ages
left to lead us all:
“The hidden key to life is love;
every wall will fall.”

Painted beauty fades slow in time
seen by naked eye.
Within the spoken art of words
golden eggs reside.
Nature speaks through the wind and fires,
cleanses with the rain.
All that’s hidden will be revealed,
remnants from the pain.

I sold my soul then bought it back
genius to the trade.
Wandered through the deep night of day,
watched the darkness fade.
I then held a farthing candle
to the midnight sun.
Yet, all the madness of my world
never came undone.

And as my sun begins to set,
yours begins to rise.
The things I found within my world,
offered from your eyes.
The beauty of all creation,
begins with your smile.
Dreams that taunt my reality,
were you all the while.

© Feb 25, 2013 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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