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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


When anything is whole we consider it "in order" or perfect." When this subject is shattered, we claim it "broken" or "chaotic." Whether it is our life, our love, our dreams, or any tangible artifact. So, it stands to reason; enough chaos, overlapped, becomes order. Physics and logic both speak this as truth.
If I offered you ketchup one day, mustard the next, relish the following day, then a bun on the fourth day, and the hotdog on the final would probably be upset because you know the endgame. But each offering is part of the perfect American baseball food. Each challenge you face is part of life's endgame. Perfection is the endgame. We will reach it. Each of us. We will all end up in the great expanse of order as one. So relax and carry on.
Next time you find yourself in a "chaotic" moment, just remember that it is part of the make-up of "order." That is why it is claimed that, "Things happen for a reason." It is the journey toward understanding perfection and entering the realm of immortality. Take it in stride baybeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

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