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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

today's thoughts on writing

When one finds their way into the heart of a poet, the blood and breath of the troubadour become saturated with the other’s existence. The sojourner becomes a Muse. Sometimes for a moment, other times for life. Their journeys become one, inextricably bound. When this occurs, the other is now infused into the ink and lives forever in the words of the bard.
Many believe ink to just be a dark liquid, but it is a mixture of the blood, sweat and tears of a writer and many times, the Muse as well. It is part of who they were, are, and to become. It is their life perspective. Each crafted piece is of a life, love, or loss. That is why many sit entranced by the words after scripting. Reliving or experiencing for the first time. We are leaving part of ourselves upon the parchment. Gently blowing to help seal the emotional journey within the creation, they are releasing the hidden winds of their soul to encapsulate the mentioned moment of inspiration; quietly whispering a final sentiment. Each write is a sacred entity and deserves an individual ceremony of self acknowledgement, appreciation and a nudge into flight. That is how wings are formed. That is how they fly. How we fly.
There are pieces I have written that every letter of each word is savored like a delicacy stolen from the tables of Valhalla and brought back to mortality via the Bilröst Bridge. I feel omnipotent for a spell. Haha. Other times, the words written seem illusionary and even fantastical, so much so that I feel euphorically silly. Then I realize how mortal they are and return to my literary perch to chisel into more of the alphabet, seeking that perfect arrangement. The endless quest.
So many people write, so many different ways. There is no right or wrong way to write…there is no trying. There is only doing. It is a part of each of us. Whether a journal entry or a song is penned, you are a creator, a crafter, a master of the moment. Write on!

© May 28, 2013 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

NOTE: words are my thoughts, photo is a random internet find

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