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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 There is slight of hand, trickery, smoke and mirrors; but that is not the magic I believe in. The moments that shape our lives from birth to grave are the magic that is real. Watching a butterfly crawl from a cocoon and take its maiden flight, a falling star, a sunrise at the Grand Canyon, a kiss blown to us from afar, our first kiss, holding hands with our love, laughing with a child, watching children play, listening to a song that takes you to another time, or just watching raindrops gather on a window and wondering if they are tears of some forgotten soul. Whether you experience these things first hand or witness them through another, they each have a profound effect on your being. We have been taught that there is no such thing as magic, except that which you pay for and is little more than deceit. The real magic exists and occurs every moment of every day. Look around and remember that magic is what you make of it, not what someone else tried to sell you. One must close the eyes and open the heart to experience magic! Trust! The eyes of a child are closed to doubt! The heart of a child is open to complete acceptance! That is the key! 

© Oct 27, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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