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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, America?

I am saddened by the fact that in 3 days our country will rally to celebrate a freedom that is no longer ours. We gather to eat, drink and be merry to commemorate our winning a freedom from a tyrannical monarchy. Through the years our government has slowly and stealthily morphed into the beast we so fear that we uprooted ourselves from our mother countries and pressed the natives of this beautiful country into small reservations.
We know that there is a legal beast lurking behind every corner. It has devoured the elegant Lady Justice and left the taste of blood and fear on the tongues of the masses.
Many have become so afraid of falling prey to the powers that be that they cheer when another is taken. They wipe their brow and sigh, “I have lived to run another day.” So many are terrified of the government that should fear the people. What have we done, other than turn our backs on ourselves and our children? Why should we live in fear? Why should we allow our leaders to constantly divide us by instigated racial tension? All politicians have the same desires, they just label them Democrat or Republican to divide and conquer the masses. I have witnessed it for 40+ years and have discovered it exists through the history of man. They say history repeats itself. That is because we never learn the lesson! It is time to stop the tyrants and return to our roots. Protect your families, respect your friends, be true to your morals, never give up your guns and guard your freedoms!

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  1. Reading this today... Unfortunately I agree with you. For today, I'll take that "eat, drink and be merry" route, but yes, we've become eerily similar to what we fought against.

    Enjoy your day!