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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Daily thoughts

Don't get me wrong. I have friends from every ethnic group, country, faith, gender, and sexual preference known to man (and perhaps a few not yet known). And I care for each of them. But I am not understanding all the hell-raising going on in Arizona over some claiming religious rights. Does this mean I can sue a Muslim that refuses to sell pork in his store? Does this mean I can sue Protestant church for not using the Koran? Does that mean I can sue the Black Panther movement for not allowing me admittance to a rally? Does that mean I can sue my neighbor for not sharing his wife? All these examples are based on beliefs. Why have beliefs at all if they are to be trampled at the whim of a few political puppets?
I remember the 70s very well. No one flaunted a label and everyone was friendly. WTH happened? We all embraced a label and stuck it on our egos and pushed our chest out to promote our egotistical way of living. I have walked through Harlem unmolested and unscathed, but if I walk through those streets with a "white pride" shirt on, I won't make it 2 blocks. Be yourself and quit promoting your ego! I don't care about your way of life as long as you don't try to push it on me. Being different is what makes us human.
All this crap is just the government stirring up derision and hate amongst the masses. This will make it much easier for them to institute their police state. Wake up and smell the sheep fodder. Walk away from the madness!

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