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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Daily thoughts

Yes, I write of love and the awe I have for the most amazing gift our Creator gave to mankind, the woman. Without the woman, there could not be life. Life manifested beauty from the essence of woman.
Many have inspired pieces from me, but the love and whispers are from a time long past. I am not extracting the splinters from the flesh of beauty, I am focusing on the fragments of beauty left on the tree.
Some say my writing invokes flirtatious behavior. Many say I play with hearts. Bah! So, I must clear the air of these matters. The only skin my hands will ever caress, from this day forward, is that of parchment. The only body my hands will hold in dance is that of my quill. The only love my heart will embrace is that of literature. The only blood I will ever spill is the ink in my well. The physical world means little to me any more. Yes, the body is a nice playground, but the soul is the cathedral I seek to wander.
My intention is not to capture your heart, because I might break it with one of my many inequities. I want none of you to feel the cold, dark emptiness of solitude...even if but for a moment. It is most hollow. My desire is to touch your soul with the wisdom and magic that have graced my life. To teach and to learn. No matter your action, reaction, or lack there of, I learn from each of you. Silence is as much of an instructor as endless conversation.
With all that being said, let us move into the future as one hope and one love of restoring harmony to our planet. Namaste.

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  1. "But the soul is the cathedral I wish to wander"....delicious writing. Thank you

    1. I am glad you enjoyed. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I am humbled.