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Monday, September 16, 2013

Today's thoughts after conferring with the Red Squirrel

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night wherever you are. Blessings of peace, love, hope, inspiration, health, and prosperity.
Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than intelligence." Whether you agree or not, the importance of imagination far exceeds the need of intelligence. Granted, intelligence is needed to an extent, but the powers-that-be only allow a politically directed stream of "knowledge" to pass through our school systems. The power that has been the driving force in humanity's evolution has been the inspiration of dreams. Intelligence is learning what others have done in the past, imagination is creating your own mark for others to learn from in the future. I challenge you to not only feed your intellect, but to nurture your imagination. You never know what you might leave behind as you create that first step toward something new in the world of wonder.
And as for children in your lives; do not force your ideologies upon them. Do not hand them stars, let them learn to reach for the Heavens. Teach them to express their own understandings and desires. Teach them to live, love, and laugh. Do not chain them to existence and the mundane.
And help all humanity learn to hope and dream. Be kind.

NOTE: photo is random internet find, text is my thoughts.

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