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Friday, September 27, 2013

Autumn, My Doorway To Inspiration (The Falling to Winter)

As I sit beneath the ancient trees
and watch the Autumnal rain of colored leaves
gently fall upon my books
and parchment,
I feel the goodbye kiss
of the Summer
in the cooling winds.
Soon I will be hiding in shadows
from the harsh bite of Winter.
By candlelight,
I will long for the elegant dance
of beauty
between butterfly and flower
a testimony to Spring.
It is in that icy cocoon
that my mind remembers
days of youth and wonder:
The awe of chasing fireflies,
The sweet smell of baking pies.
The Eagles singing songs of life,
counting stars so high in the sky.
From my window
I will relive it all,
if only for a moment.
Then once again,
enchanted will I be
by the molded piece of wax
that accompanies me far into the night.
The flame that dances upon the wick
slowly ignites
the embers of passion
stored deep in my heart.
There, and only there,
do I find beginnings;
the creation of of a new inkwell.
What great gift of inspiration will nature offer this pass?

 Sept 27, 2013 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

NOTE: photo is a random internet find

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