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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Butterfly God

There is entirely too much culture conflict when we speak of our Creator. Whether you refer to the source of all that exists as, “God, Allah, the Creator, the Great Spirit, Odin, Zeus, or what-have-you…our Creator is all of the names mentioned. If you strip away all the secular ideological sugar-coating and/or razored fluff…you end up with the primary wings of love and forgiveness. Wings that have the ability to transform us into angelic beings and lift us upon the winds of tomorrow, and eventually set us free from the binding emotional chains of days gone by. 

There is a unique magic that many call the “butterfly.” Some cultures call it a “mariposa,” while others have a different name for this touch of beauty: papillon, motýl, kelebek, or матылёк. It also has many titles from days gone past; faerie, pixie, sprite, etc. But it is the same entity: beginning, middle, and end. Thru time the butterfly has evolved to fit its environment. Our idea of the Creator has also evolved thru time to fit the secular machine of fear and control.
I chose the mariposa for this because I believe it to be an ethereal being that slips in and out of the astral regions as it see fit. Notice its life. In the caterpillar stage, it crawls slowly and sees the world up close. Hmmm…mortal childhood? Perhaps. Then it cocoons and goes thru a time of introspection; where it decides to evolve, purify itself, grow wings, and free itself from the darkness. Hmmm…young mortal adulthood? Perhaps. Once free of their self made prison, the butterfly sees the world from a distance. Is awed by its beauty and spends the rest of its days helping Terra maintain her beauty. By pollinating flowers butterflies spread beauty for all to enjoy, even those that would destroy it. Hmmm…enlightenment? Absolutely! Is that not a school of training for humans to observe and emulate? Absolute truth!
So many people wander thru the day and forget to look around at the majestic presence of creation. Far too many forget the awe and innocence of childhood, when God was just the omnipotent Creator. No names, no fear, no hate, just love. That is the place we need to return. That field where butterflies fly free and the ever-sweet hint of flowers slowly try to overwhelm the senses and carry us to heavenly ecstasy.

© Aug 25, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

NOTE: Words are the intellectual property of DBC ~ Duke of the Arctic. Photo is random find on the internet. 

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