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Monday, August 13, 2012


I spent the day with my fae friends as
the rain pitter-pattered upon the shrooms above.
Ara drank deep from the goblet of creation,
then offered the golden vessel to me.
She reminded me of the silent language,
that was lost between the rustle of the leaves.
Drinking deep of the honey-dewed elixir,
my soul reached out in anguish.
My spirit cried out in pain
as I looked upon mortality.
Ara let a tear slip through
her shimmering veil of life.
It hit the grass and faded quickly
into the pool of rainwater.
Gazing upon the mirrored surface
I watched her sadness be engulfed.
Feeling magic winds arrive,
I closed my eyes and looked within.
I was taken back to another time,
when there was more than there really is.
I recalled a time when all of man
were but one race; we were “mankind.”
Children ran in fields of clover,
chased by butterflies and laughter.
Ladies kept the family bound
with mighty threads of love.
Men were the ambassadors of life,
the voice of hope for tomorrow.
The gardens were lush and green,
full of pixies and elvish lore.
But man missed the serpent
that hid amongst the roses.
The venom of greed, hate, and distrust
fertilized the sacred ground and polluted the waters.
The taste was sweet and tempting,
and soon mankind’s soul withered.
The fae warned upon closed ears,
and soon returned to the in-between.
Death and decay rained and reigned,
and poisoned the earth and seas.
When man forgot to reach his knees,
man got knocked off his feet.
The fae stand between the trees
and hope of mankind rising again.
Their tears flow to the astral
and flood the gates of the Heavens.
Returning to the present moment’
I turned my gaze to Ara.
Smiling she spoke without a word,
“You have learned and must now teach.
There are but two possessions
to nurture in one’s heart.
Forgiveness and compassion,
are the magic elements of the fae.”
With that she kissed me on the cheek,
and slipped into the wind.
“See you soon, my dear friend,”
my words chasing her into the ethereal…

©August 13, 2012 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

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