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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Soul day...

Good Sol-day/Sunday/Soul-day. As I wrote last month, I find it intriguing that the Latin word for sun is sol, sol is also spelled soul, and "Sun"day is the day we focus on our soul.
The soul is the immortal essence of a person, the ethereal part of us that keeps us alive and well. The sun is the exact same to all life in our region of space. It is the center of our solar system. Our soul is the center of our spiritual system. Without the sun, we could not exist. Without a soul, we could not exist. Some claim others to be without a soul, but this is not true. All have souls, some are just on the dark side of the rock. They can be turned to the light side again. Help another find the sun again.
Apologies for being so wordy, that is the problem with writers. And I said all that to say; today, let your soul catch fire and radiate like the sun. Be a guiding light for another or many others. Burn, baby, burn!
Remember: We are all ONE, much like the sun. Each "soul" is a particle of the sun. We bounce off each other and charge each other to bring radiance to the darkness. As we look inward, we also look without-since all are one. When we reflect upon our own souls, we are also reflecting on others. The old sayings ring true right here, "What fault you find in another is a fault in the self." As well as, "The beauty you find in another, also lies within yourself." Looking within, you are looking without and looking without you are looking within. Purify your soul with fire! The Creator makes no mistakes! We are perfect! We are all part of the perfection of creation! Let your soul-fire burn all impurities of mortal thoughts

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