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Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Have Compared...

I have compared thee to a flowering bloom;
to the enveloping warmth of a majestic sunrise;
to the beauty of dusk as it gently pulls the twinkling curtain over our eyes;
to magic beams that enchant from the moon.
All fell short of my desired end to weave a literary cloak of words for thee to don and fly upon the winds into eternity. Letter by letter they crumbled to motes of dust and faded into the past in the stead of complimenting your radiant elegance. {{{sigh}}}

My soul wanders the ethereal corridors of the heavens in search of the lost tome of love with desire to master the tongue. The longer your smile resides in my heart, the closer I come to the perfect peace of immortality. Once again, I find myself strolling amongst the wise in the Celestial Gardens, relearning the harmonic beat of the cleansing rains that dance upon the Sea of Love’s surface. The concentric circles converse with my heart converging all memories and touches of love throughout all time into this moment.
As the gentle winds caress the trees and lift the leaves on high, I hear the forgotten words that I seek for you. {{{whispering}}} "son~tai' elassa qen~tai~rasa' paahn~raaaj...”
These words have no mortal meaning; they are a feeling beyond human understanding. The nearest words that can attend this feeling are: “you are God’s love alive. a treasure of perfect beauty.”

© April 14, 2013 ~ DBC, Duke ofthe Arctic


  1. Very, very pretty. I love the imagery in this--especially the twinkling. This one was deep. She must be a very lucky lady!

    1. Thank you. My Muse is on the other side of this spinning rock in a country torn by war. I may never meet her, but she has touched my heart. I pray my words become the bridge that brings us together.
      The words "son~tai..." actually were heard upon a wind and helped inspire this...