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Monday, April 1, 2013


When angels fly, do the winds whisper of heaven?
Is sanctuary offered in the shadow of a wing?
Or strength found n the storms of an eye?
Are they summoned by the cries of mortal man?
Or unleashed by the powers of the Mighty?

Heaven knows not…

When angels cry, do the rains heal hidden pain?
Do the sea covered islands reach for the sky?
Can the tears wash away the years of yearning?
Is “ebb and flow” chaotic or circumstantial finite?
Do rising tide lifts all ships and save the timbers burning.

Heaven knows not…

When angels die, do they fall from the Creator’s hand?
Are mortals souls harvested from discontent within?
Is the kingdom purged of unheard questions left unasked on high?
The beauty of the garden lives in you, it was not lost with Eden.
All the beauty from God’s breath is kept within your sigh…

Heaven knows not…

© April 1, 2013 ~ DBC, Duke of the Arctic

For my Muse: Heaven knows not it lost an angel of unknown beauty. Within you, this I see…
I praise the Heavens for the gift of you, it gave to me…

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