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Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Love

Love is my strongest asset, but my greatest liability. From this day forward, I shall confine it to paper. My desire will bleed from my quill, my boundless emotions will fill my inkwells, and my imagination will create the moments that should have been... 

~  Duke of the Arctic 8/21/2014

I am glad it was not real. If it had been, I would still be soaring. Once aloft on wings of enchantment, the world is left behind, lessened, diminished, and at times forgotten. I lost myself in the cathedral of her soul. I was higher than any mortal intoxicant could offer. I touched the 'neath side of heaven's floor. Then she was gone and I fell back to the rocky, yet beautiful estate of reality.

 ~  Duke of the Arctic 8/21/2014


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